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The Netfit team have won every major fitness competitions in the UK since they were formed fours years ago to promote health and fitness. From Ultrafit X-Training Competition - Super teams - Dream Team Challenge.

The Daily Telegraph Dream Team Challenge (Held 4 times - won each time by Netfit) - an event where teams of 6 compete in a final over 7 different disciplines against the Dream Team, which has included athletes such as Linford Christie - Jamie Bulch - James Cracknell
- Jonathon Edwards - Audley Harrison - Dean Macey to name just a few. As dedicated athletes, the team knows that good nutrition is essential, that's why we regularly use Herbalife products, especially the Formula 1  as a good source of protein.

We are supported by one of the country's leading sports nutrition suppliers, however are eagerly awaiting the new and exciting Herbalife sports supplements range to compliment the numerous Herbalife products we use on a regular basis, to maintain optimum performance.

Our achievements both individually and as a team, would be to long for any testimonial, in short Herbalife is part of the team - poor nutrition equals poor performance - we've chosen and using a winning product.

Roscoe Nash
Team captain
Definitely the highlight of my active sporting career was becoming Double World Kayak Sprint Champion (500 and 1000 meter singles)... Although there were many exciting and successful occasions throughout my 17 year intense relationship with the sport; from becoming Junior world silver medallist, having a place in the Guinness Book of Records, 8 successful participations in World Championships (with positioning between 8th - 4th every year), 2 Olympics Games (8th & 5th), Swiss National Coach, coaching athletes from regional country level through to world class Olympic finalists.

December last year I was an overweight ( 89 kg ), not particularly healthy, international business manager. My weight was on the rise and my fitness on the decline. I just could not find a way to mix business travel and health. Then I learnt about Herbalife, and started to use the weight control products, within a few months I had reduced my weight to 79 kg. I have since started phase two of my health plan, building muscle, endurance and all round fitness.Now I am still an international business manager, but my weight is 80 kg (built muscle, and reduced fat further), magnitudes fitter, very healthy and overflowing with energy and vitality. I cannot express in these few words, or really believe, how my body has changed with the Herbalife products. As an ex-professional sportsman, national coach and holder of a degree in sports science, I thought I knew all about my body and how to train and optimise it. My strength, endurance and speed have all made huge leaps forward, while my recovery times instantly went through the floor. In fact, I blast my body with a heavy training session in the morning (thinking I will need a week off) and already by the afternoon I want to go at it again. Business commitments don't normally allow this, but here too the changes are remarkable, more concentration, energy and drive.

THANK YOU Herbalife for the results so far ... and for those to come, not only in sport but the health and vitality throughout life."

Jeremy West
Double World Kayak Sprint Champion, Experienced Olympic Coach

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  “Herbalife’s products have been
effective beyond my expectations!
No doubt, Herbalife’s nutritional
products helped me improve my general health and allowed me to pursue my fitness goals.”

Judy Heylen, Australia
1999 State Masters Surf
Lifesaving Competitions
Gold Medallist

"Using the Herbalife products I was able to lose 6kg of excess weight I was carrying. Rather than being weakened by this, the products amazingly also helped increase my stamina levels!" "Herbalife products have helped me gain that competitive edge" and win the Tour de France 1996. "I cannot recommend Herbalife products enough, all my team is on the program".

 Bjarne Riis -Winner Tour de France 1996: