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Are you exercising on fumes or fuel? Focussed only on carbo loading and not enough on the ideal protein intake? As exercise drains nutrients from the body, are you taking sufficient fruits and vegetables to compensate? Understand the benefits of re-fuelling within 30 mins of exercise? Understand how sugary drinks sold as energy/sports drinks can put the body in storage mode when it needs to be in release mode? How large amounts of caffeine in energy drinks can dehydrate the body?

Suggested usage of products

Herbalife products can be used by those who simply go to the gym or by those who train and compete seriously. For all levels of active people, Herbalife can be used to fuel, refuel, repair and help with recovery

Thirty minutes before working out use Formula 1 Drink Mix, diluted in fruit juice. It provides immediate fuel (carbohydrates) and helps spare the stored fuel in muscles (muscle glycogen).
During training, competition and your workout, drink fluid – at least every 15 minutes. Suggestions: Drink water with Herbal Aloe Drink. Consume water with a very weak solution of Formula 1. Enjoy Thermojetics Herbal Beverage as often as desired
Within the first 30 minutes of your workout, drink Formula 1 mixed in juice.
Drink Formula 1 mixed in a protein-rich beverage (cow’s milk, soy milk or yogurt) or eat a Thermojetics Protein Bar. For added protein, mix Gold Shake Mix Powder (vanilla or chocolate) or Protein Powder in a Formula 1 shake
Take a combination of Herbalife antioxidant products, Herbalifeline, Schizandra Plus and RoseOx
How to take the product?

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